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Industries that had hoped for permission to use drones in their business were left out of the FAA's proposed drone rules. The agency said that drones should stay within the operator's line of sight.
This NASA file image shows a true color photo of Saturn assembled from image...
The Voyager spacecraft revolutionized our understanding of space. In a new book, The Interstellar Age, planetary scientist Jim Bell shares stories about the planning and excitement back on Earth.
You've heard the cliche, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Matt Malone has uncovered goodies in the trash that anyone would consider valuable. He's a professional dumpster diver.
"Jennifer In Paradise," a photo of Jennifer Walters in Bora Bora in August 1...
The photo editing system Adobe Photoshop turned 25 this week. NPR's Arun Rath talks to co-founder Thomas Knoll about how the system has changed and where it's going.
West Coast ports and the dockworkers union have reached a tentative deal after a nine-month stalemate. Sporadic work stoppages and shutdowns are expected to end, pending ratification by both sides.
The National Governors Association is in Washington for its winter meeting, and there is no lack of talk about the 2016 White House. NPR's Scott Simon talks to Ron Elving about the week in politics.