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The unemployment rate is expected to hold steady at 5.8 percent. Even with recent declines in unemployment, there are still plenty of people working part-time who would like a full-time position.
Some 50 countries met in London this week to boost Afghanistan's prospects after foreign combat forces withdraw at the end of the year. The gathering was intended to help chart the country's future.
The New York and Missouri grand jury decisions sparked protests across the country. To mobilize supporters, organizers relied on social media and old-fashioned methods of phone calls and canvassing.
On Friday, President Obama is expected to announce his pick to replace Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Signs suggest that it will be Ashton Carter, who has served in many senior jobs at the Pentagon.
Oakland has a history of tensions between police and the community. The police department there is under federal oversight for its use of force, among other problems.
When the City Reporter was full of cheer, readership on its website suffered. So they're back to reporting regular news.