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Critics say the benefit program discourages people from seeking jobs. The Obama administration is announcing grants to 10 states to find a better way to get recipients back to work.
NPR's Deb Amos and Newsweek's Janine di Giovanni have both covered the Middle East for decades, and Syria since the beginning of the war. As the war enters its fifth year this week, Amos and Di Giovanni look back to how it started, with a quick shift from protests to brutality.
Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, are wrapping up a four-day U.S. visit with a stop in Louisville, Ky. Louisville has been bustling with preparations, but the city is accustomed to royal visits.
Nigeria's military says that, with the help of regional troops, its forces have retaken key towns captured by Boko Haram. The successes against the ISIS-linked extremist network come little more than a week before a key vote in which President Goodluck Jonathan is seeking re-election. The vote was delayed by six weeks, in part due to insecurity. Many are asking how the army was able to do in six weeks what it has failed to do these past six years.
It may still feel like winter for many of us on the East Coast, but today spring is officially here. That means flowers, gardens and bugs. One man couldn't be happier about the return of the insects — especially the ones poised to sting.
March Madness began in earnest Thursday with 16 games, and there were buzzer-beaters and big upsets — two No. 3 seeds went down. But overall No. 1 seed Kentucky won easily as did another top seed, Villanova.