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Audie Cornish speaks with Obiageli Ezekwesili, a former member of the Nigerian government and one of the leaders of the Bring Back Our Girls effort.
In a new installment of our series on trade lingo, sky diving instructor Michael Snively defines "whuffo," "burble" and "horny gorilla."
Eurozone fears are bubbling and the markets are unhappy about it. New data suggest the continent may be about to enter its third recession in six years.
Sales of traditional hybrids, plug-ins and all-electric cars are down about ...
Gas prices are falling — and so are hybrid car sales. Analysts say better gas mileage for traditional vehicles, combined with low gas prices, is giving hybrids a run for their money.
FBI Director James Comey used his first major policy address to warn that new encryption techniques could lock out law enforcement trying to solve crimes. He wants a back door into smartphones.
The Grammy Award-winning singer said, "I just kinda always wanted to see what it would be like to sing for money on the streets." For whatever reason, she didn't get much cash dropped into her hat.