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Was "I think I can" the great-grandmother of "lean in?" Some readers see the...
Was "I think I can" the grandmother of "lean in?" Some readers see the plucky locomotive as a parable about working women, but in some versions of the story the protagonist was male.
Washington state's first recreational pot shops open for business Tuesday. The Northwest News Network's Austin Jenkins reports on the lengthy process to get to the day's store openings.
Scientists at the National Institutes of Health made an unpleasant discovery as they cleaned out an old laboratory: The lab contained vials of the smallpox virus, previously unknown to authorities.
Germany poured five goals on Brazil in the first half of the World Cup semifinal. The home team had faced a steep challenge, playing without two key players, one injured and one suspended.
In 2012, Medicare was rocked by allegations that hospitals were systematically overcharging the program by miscoding electronic medical records. A study released Wednesday took another look.
In combating militants, one weapon is cutting off the groups' funding from charities or outside donors. But the "Islamic State" gets its money from other means and may be immune to U.S. techniques.