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Overnight air strikes in Syria mark a major expansion of the U.S.-led war on ISIS — one that's bound to be controversial in the Middle East.
Robert Siegel speaks with Carol Batchelor, Turkey Representative for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, about the Syrian Kurds flooding into Turkey.
David Combs, an insurance broker in Kentucky, wound up benefiting from the A...
Many brokers feared the new federal health law would make them obsolete. But more than 40 percent of people who signed up for insurance via Kentucky's state exchange used a broker.
The World Health Organization warns of more than 20,000 cases by early November if help doesn't arrive quickly in West Africa. The CDC projects 1.4 million cases by late January.
President Obama spoke about airstrikes in Syria on Tuesday morning, moments before he left for New York for the United Nations General Assembly meeting.
They're meant to discourage tax inversions by U.S. corporations. Inversions take place when a company merges with a foreign partner and re-incorporates overseas as a way to avoid U.S. taxes.