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Nigerians are outraged over the clothing allowance given to lawmakers. In a country where the average person lives on dollars a day, the nation's 469 lawmakers will share a $43 million allowance.
The psychiatrist who treated accused Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes has finished her testimony, and state prosecutors are due to rest their case this week.
NPR's Melissa Block talks to Summerville, S.C., high school football coach John McKissick, who announced his retirement Tuesday after 63 years. He won 621 games and 10 state championships.
Fitbit stock begins trading publicly Thursday. The Fitbit Force is shown at ...
Amid the buzz around wearables, Fitbit heads to the NYSE. The fitness tracking firm faces challenges from smart watches, but it may get a boost from companies that want to keep tabs on workers.
Apatow (who dressed up as Harpo Marx for Halloween in 1975) was one of the y...
When Apatow was a teen he landed interviews with an impressive roster of comics for his high school radio show. Sick in the Head is a collection of those conversations, and more recent ones as well.
In Ballers, Dwayne Johnson (left) plays an ex-Dolphin who is trying to make ...
Ballers feels like the football equivalent of the hip-hop world of Empire, and The Brink is reminiscent of Dr. Strangelove, but has its own modern take on the nonsense of war.