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In the wake of Verizon buying AOL, one man wants to make sure that the history of the once-dominant Internet service provider stays alive. Jason Scott wants you to send him all of your AOL CD-ROMs.
Over 750 people are dead in India — mostly in the South — as an intense heat wave grips the country.
In northern Lebanon, a complex of sweeping buildings designed by renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer reminds people of more peaceful times.
One of these things is not like the other: A 3-D printed model of a beige co...
Faux eggs made with 3-D printers are better than sculpted versions, researchers say, because it's easier to systematically vary their size, weight and other features. Next goal: 3-D fragile shells.
New York University announced it will not require the criminal record of pro...
NYU has announced that when looking at applications, it will initially overlook the criminal record of prospective students.
NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with Douglas Jehl, the foreign editor of the Washington Post, about the closed trial, which began Tuesday in Iran.