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Michelle Smith, a women's basketball writer for ESPNW, offers a preview of Tuesday's NCAA women's basketball final.
In Monday's NCAA basketball final, Connecticut beat Kentucky — which should have been a joy for UConn fan Corey Johnson. Instead, a big error in his otherwise stellar bracket made things bittersweet.
Dozens of people lost their homes in the massive slide in Oso, Wash., but few are likely to see an insurance payout. That's because mudslide coverage is not included in a typical homeowner's policy.
The new normal in Guinea is washing hands with a mixture of water and bleach...
In Guinea, an aggressive strain of the virus has claimed over 100 lives and invaded the capital city. But while it may take months to contain the outbreak, there already are survivors.
Cheryl Stumph goes over paperwork with a medical worker. She finally has hea...
Cheryl Stumph and her family haven't had health insurance for years. Now that they do, they plan to take make up for lost time. Pent-up demand for care is overwhelming an Oregon health plan.
Francis Csedrik remembers details of being bonked hard on the head when he w...
Childhood amnesia descends gradually — and later than you might think, researchers say. Many young preschoolers have robust memories, especially of emotional events.