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The president urges the U.N. to deploy peacekeepers to the eastern part of his country to help bolster the cease-fire. Renee Montagne talks to reporter Alec Luhn in eastern Ukraine about the truce.
The world is running out of chocolate. A scientist in Ecuador has come up with a solution. But if you love chocolate, you might not like it.
Italy has recently rescued more than 2,000 migrants off Libya's coast. The holding center on Lampedusa can't handle the surge. Authorities worry Islamist militants might arrive amid the migrants.
Before Alberto Nisman could give his testimony to congress implicating Argentina's president in a cover up of a 1994 bombing, he was found dead with a bullet to the head.
The new route will bypass the area where 16 Sherpa guides were killed last year, and perhaps offer a safer path to the summit. Renee Montagne talks to Pete Athans, a veteran of Everest.
Having had enough of postponements due to recent snow storms, the Andover Newton Theological School put out a statement jokingly suggesting it would postpone Lent a week.