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To Pakistan, the Afghan elections and the withdrawal of most U.S. troops seems reminiscent of the Soviet departure decades ago — leaving Afghanistan in Pakistan's lap, for better or worse.
New NBA commissioner Adam Silver made news by suggesting the league's willingness to pay college basketball players. Sportswriter Stefan Fatsis explains what might mean for professionals and students.
The General Motors recall puts its dealerships in an uncomfortable spot, having to placate customers as both parties wait for replacement parts to arrive. Brian Bull of WCPN reports that many are reconsidering whether they'll ever buy a GM car again.
Long before he was president, Lyndon Johnson taught in Cotulla, Texas. He is...
Lyndon Johnson taught in the South Texas town of Cotulla in 1928. Even as president, he always remembered the grinding poverty of his students.
Cover of The Cultural Cold War...
This week saw celebrations of the anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and revelation of the ZunZuneo scandal. Paul Reyes and Ralph Eubanks recommend The Cultural Cold War and We Are Not Afraid.
In this colored transmission electron micrograph, an infected cell (reddish ...
There's no treatment yet for the deadly viral disease, but several approaches are in the works. At least one experimental drug seems effective in monkeys. Next step: safety tests in people.