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Every profession has a jargon all its own; musicians are no different. Oboist Alli Gessner and blues musician Brian Brickley offer terms distinctive to music: "crowing" and "good night, Cleveland."
North Carolina's voter ID law has come under fire in the courts. A judge will soon decide whether parts of the law should be implemented or delayed.
While House Republicans move ahead with their lawsuit alleging executive branch overreach, Obama is using the challenge to score political points of his own.
Many servicemen and women are prescribed a mountain of pills for PTSD, pain ...
There's overmedicating and self-medicating, but some vets are "de-medicating." Prescribed multiple drugs to deal with PTSD and pain, they've stopped taking them — without authorization.
Particles of H5N1 virus — a particularly dangerous type of bird flu that c...
The sloppy handling by federal scientists of the world's scariest germs must stop, says the dismayed head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Are his new rules enough?
New data show that organic produce has higher levels of antioxidants. But you can get plenty of those compounds just by eating more fruits and vegetables, no matter how they're grown.