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A new concert hall known as the Philharmonie de Paris opened in the 19th arrondissement on Wednesday. French President Francois Hollande attended the opening night concert.
A bestselling comic book creator in Jordan has been asked to help qualm extremism. Now that Jordan has joined the coalition against the self-styled Islamic State, or ISIS, extremism may rise further.
A startup in Australia is in the revenge business. For $10, it will send a person who offended you an envelope full of glitter, along with a note explaining what the person did to deserve it.
A Canadian man needed to go on a trip with a woman named Elizabeth Gallagher so he could use his ex-girlfriend's ticket. The two say they are just friends.
The House moved to turn back President Obama's immigration actions. The White House is pushing back. Now what?
Religious and government authorities in the Middle East seem to be trying to tamp down any outrage over the publication of another cartoon of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed in France's Charlie Hebdo magazine.