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Every time there is a big new release of some Apple software or operating system, hackers get to work — finding a flaw in Apple's computer code can be very lucrative.
Falling oil prices are leading to a slow down in drilling. And that means workers are rethinking the long commutes they've been making for once-steady, good-paying jobs.
A man walks through the Grand Mosque in Paris on Jan. 9. Some Muslims have q...
In Muslim communities around France, some don't believe the official version of events. In schools, some Muslim students refused to join in a moment of silence for the victims of the attacks.
Audie Cornish talks to Jeh Johnson, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.
Missi Pyle plays cable TV host Ellen Abbott, a character that Gone Girl dire...
Gone Girl fictionalizes the controversial cable news star. "I did not go into this to win a popularity contest," says Grace, host of a true crimes and current affairs show on HLN.
A pedestrian passes a currency exchange in London Jan. 5. The value of the U...
The dollar's value keeps climbing. That's a sign of a healthy economy, especially compared with some of America's biggest trading partners — but it also has the potential to slow U.S. economic growth.