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The White House is looking to the private sector to help finance costly improvements to aging infrastructure. The plan avoids increasing taxes, but eventually, the public will have to pay.
Iran and six world powers wrapped up their latest round of talks in Geneva over Iran's nuclear program. Negotiations resume in February ahead of a self-imposed July 1 deadline for a deal.
Miss Israel took a selfie at the Miss Universe pageant that captured other women including Miss Lebanon. After being criticized for being in the photo, Miss Lebanon insists she didn't pose it.
An environmental official says smoking, the traditional method used to preserve pork, is polluting the air. As residents smoke meat in preparation for the Chinese New Year, the smog has increased.
Actor, playwright and composer Noel Coward rehearses for a show in 1951. A r...
Many of the items in The British Library's vast collection of recorded sound are in danger of disappearing. Some just physically won't last much longer; others are stored in long-dead formats.
Suzan Shown Harjo points to a signature on Treaty K at the National Archives...
A rare exhibit at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian explores the history of treaties between Native American nations and the U.S.