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A glitch in the State Department's visa system has affected people around th...
The problem has had a wide impact, keeping farmworkers, Ultimate Fighting Championship athletes and foreign students from entering the U.S. The agency has 100 experts working on a fix.
NPR's Rachel Martin talks about southern history with William Ferris, associate director of the Center for the Study of the American South at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Product developer Erin Schutt was part of a team that came up with a new lin...
General Mills is one of the world's most successful food companies, with iconic brands like Green Giant. But fast-changing tastes are forcing it and other food firms to innovate to stay relevant.
Lannie Castagne teaches first grade at Brimley Elementary School. She does m...
When it comes to test scores, students at Michigan's Brimley Elementary School are well above the state average. About half its students are Native Americans, many are from low-income families.
Defense Secretary Ash Carter heads to Europe to unveil plans to deploy tanks and other heavy armor in the Baltic states and Eastern Europe. Russia says the move is provocative and may send more armor to its Western borders.
The debate over Confederate flags is moving quickly Tuesday. Hundreds rallied in South Carolina calling to take down the Confederate flag that flies in front of the State House. Virginia's governor announced Tuesday he's begun the process to remove the flag from Virginia license plates. In Mississippi, where the old Confederate battle flag is part of the state flag, there was debate Tuesday about its future.