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The joint U.S.-Soviet mission was a stepping stone to today's International Space Station.
KPFK's Betto Arcos spins four time-traveling songs that repurpose old texts — including an Iraqi poem and a folk song from Communist Albania — by setting them to modern music from around the world.
Jim Gaffigan spent years in stand-up before, finally, someone took a chance ...
The comedian once worked in advertising — until he got caught dozing on the job. So, he took his savings and stepped on stage. Still, it was years before he hit his big break: a gig on the Late Show.
The reservoir outside Las Vegas is home to the wreck of a B-29 bomber that crashed in 1948. The region's drought has lowered water levels so much that scuba divers can now explore the wreck.
Even as other channels tried to adapt to a new TV landscape, many considered ESPN impervious for one reason: People want to watch sports live. But ESPN has shed 3.2 million subscribers since May 2014.
PETA activists demonstrated in 2013 against SeaWorld's planned float at the ...
PETA says one of its supporters in California was actually a SeaWorld "agent" who infiltrated its activist network and tried to "incite illegal ... behavior." SeaWorld has suspended the employee.