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Pro-cannabis ballot measures were approved in Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C. in the midterms. Robert Siegel checks in with Chris Walsh, managing editor of Marijuana Business Media.
In the wake of coast-to-coast defeats, Democrats are looking through the election returns for lessons.
Which flu vaccine should you get? That may depend on your age and your gener...
Health officials estimate that every flu season, 1 in 5 Americans will get the bug. This year, changes in flu vaccines and in federal guidelines could help those most susceptible to the virus.
Robert Siegel talks to Denis McDonough, President Barack Obama's chief of staff, about working with the new Republican majority in the Senate.
A federal appeals court in Ohio has decided that four states may ban gay marriage if they wish, splitting from the decision reached by other federal appeals courts in similar cases.
A new Manhattan studio joins YouTube Spaces in London, Tokyo and Los Angeles...
The online video giant has just opened a gleaming new production studio in Manhattan. It's part of an effort to attract new viewers — and ultimately compete with companies like Netflix and Hulu.