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Many migrants have died trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe. Bulgaria is now seeing a surge of migrants attempting to enter Europe by land from Turkey.
The school got money for the position from the Lego Foundation. Whoever gets the job will lead a research department that studies the role of play in education.
On January 27, 1877, a person in France posted a letter. This year, the great-granddaughter of the intended recipient opened it to find an order for yarn. The letter was marked: high-speed delivery.
Schoolgirls in Ethiopia examine a new feminine product: underwear with a poc...
It's menstrual hygiene. The topic makes many folks uncomfortable. Yet in the developing world, it's a problem that keeps girls from going to school and playing in sports. Now things are changing.
Nigerian fans stand and deliver cheers at a match against Australia, played ...
The U.S. team, which plays Nigeria tonight at the Women's World Cup, is a tournament favorite. But Nigeria's funtastic fans deserve a cup of their own.
Billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian, who built Las Vegas hotels, died Monday at 98.