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In a vote presided over by President Obama, the U.N. Security Council has unanimously approved a historic resolution aimed at stopping the flow of foreign extremists to battlefields around the world.
Pentagon officials say airstrikes targeted mobile oil refineries being used by militants of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. The group uses the money from the refineries to fund its operations.
When it comes to police using force, what kind of force is acceptable, and when? Deciding what's reasonable is a matter of politics and law, but it's also becoming a matter of science.
Parents in the U.S. are worried about a respiratory disease that has the same symptoms as a bad cold. Steve Inskeep talks to the CDC's Mark Pallansch about Enterovirus 68.
Before India's space program announced its Mars orbiter had reached its destination, NASA's Curiosity Rover, tweeted it was "rolling out the red carpet on the Red Planet for the newest Mars orbiter."
Terry Tacheny is a therapeutic harpist, whose music is meant to soothe hospital patients. As for the gorillas, she admits, "I don't speak gorilla," but the primates "purr" when she starts to play.