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Bill reads three news-related limericks: Girly Gouda, Put A Degree On It and McMatrimony
All the news we couldn't fit anywhere else.
Our panelists predict the next place scientists are going to discover a giant hole.
In her book No Man's War, Angela Ricketts writes about raising three kids while her husband deployed. Filmmaker Steve James and Chaz Ebert discuss Life Itself, a documentary about Robert Ebert.
Guy Pearce aboard his time machine in the 2002 movie version of H.G. Wells' ...
As part of our summer Book Your Trip series, Petra Mayer delves into the mysteries of time travel: how do authors make it work? What's the appeal? And should you kill Hitler, if you get the chance?
Nadine Gordimer passed away this week at age 90, after a lifetime of achieve...
South African writer and activist Nadine Gordimer wrote 15 books, and helped her friend Nelson Mandela edit his famous speech, "I Am Prepared To Die." She died this week at the age of 90.