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When Russia took over the Ukrainian peninsula, Crimea, the government said it would respect the rights of ethnic minorities — like the Sunni Muslim Tatars. But some young Tatar men have gone missing, and the disappearances are causing anxiety in Tatar communities.
The Kansas City Royals beat the San Francisco Giants 10-0 in Game 6 of the World Series, pushing the battle on to Wednesday for the final game. David Greene gets the news from NPR's Tom Goldman.
In addition to two more films in the Avengers series, Marvel has announced its next round of movies until 2019, featuring characters like The Black Panther, Dr. Strange and Captain Marvel.
Lava has been flowing toward the small town of Pahoa on Hawaii's Big Island since June and is oozing closer to dozens of homes. Renee Montagne speaks to Hawaii Public Radio's Molly Solomon about the eruption and how prepared residents are.
Former British Marine Stephen Gough has been arrested more than 30 times for public nudity. He filed a suit with the European Court of Human Rights, arguing freedom of expression. It didn't go well.
Forty-five years ago, a young obstetrician brought a baby boy into the world. Last month that baby — now a heart surgeon — gave the doctor who delivered him new life.