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With the Tour de France now in its mountain stages, NPR's Scott Simon takes the opportunity to ask the man who knows everything, A.J. Jacobs, about all things cycling.
Sarah Shourd in 2011. Hostages, to Iran, are "like money in the bank that ev...
Sarah Shourd, who was imprisoned by Iran in 2009, calls the nuclear deal a "win-win." It doesn't demand Americans' release, but she says it makes it less useful for Iran to keep hostages for leverage.
Shock continues to ripple through Chattanooga, Tenn., as residents try to cope with Thursday's attack. Rabbit Zielke of WUTC reports on the community's reaction.
How is Saudi Arabia reacting to the agreement? Publicly, Iran's regional rival says officials are studying it — but what's the response in private? Saudi political analyst Nawaf Obaid explains.
The drought has put a strain on farms and cities in the Southwest, but it's been a boon for one industry: As Will Stone of KJZZ reports, well-drillers are slammed with demand, especially in Arizona.
University of Michigan professor Peter Allen lectures to students during his...
Housing prices there have dropped, opening up investment opportunities — but only if you know how to invest. One professor is teaching inner-city residents how to get in on the market.