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More than 1 million public school students in the U.S. don't have permanent homes. Most live doubled up with family or friends, but many live in motels, emergency shelters, campgrounds — even cars.
BASETRACK Live incorporates photographs, videos and interviews to tell the s...
A new multimedia stage production, led by a Juilliard composer and an Iraq veteran who took up acting, hopes to help struggling soldiers battle their post-traumatic stress.
Tristan Walker founded Code2040, an internship program designed to bring Lat...
Tristan Walker, founder and CEO of Walker & Company Brands, and J.J. McCorvey, a writer at Fast Company, discuss the tech industry's diversity problem.
The U.S. and China are easing visa rules for each other's citizens. It's a reciprocal agreement that President Obama says will benefit everyone — from students, to tourists, to businesses.
Obama announced at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit that the U.S. and China reached an "understanding" that will lead to expanding goods covered by the Information Technology Agreement.
Officials are still investigating how 32 teenagers broke out of the state's highest-security juvenile detention center in September. The breakout cast a harsh spotlight on the troubled facility.