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She says she'll divest herself of the villa after her ownership became clouded by questions of corruption and conflict of interest. It's the latest challenge to her husband, President Pena Nieto.
Immigration politics are taking center stage. Arun Rath talks to the Pew Research Center's Jeffrey Passel about the declining number of undocumented immigrants arriving from Mexico.
As Ferguson residents await a grand jury decision, Missouri's governor launched a commission aimed at tackling some of the systemic issues that were showcased by Michael Brown's shooting death.
Residents in Buffalo, New York, are still dealing with the 6 feet of snow that has fallen so far this week. That includes football fans who hope to clear out their stadium before Sunday's game.
Tony and Jan Jenkinson gave the Broadway Hotel in England a bad review. The hotel charged them $125 — saying they had a no bad review policy. Their money has since been refunded.
In the town of Hildesheim, video consoles are in place on on either side of road, allowing strangers to face off in a version of the classic arcade game Pong.