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On this week's Wingin' It, music journalist Anthony DeCurtis tells us about his favorite road-trip song. DeCurtis is a contributing editor for Rolling Stone magazine.
The murders of parishioners at an AME church in Charleston are the most recent example of violence visited upon an African-American church — but it's not the only instance.
The U.S. Women's soccer team made it to the knockout round of the Women's World Cup. Mike Pesca of The Gist podcast tells NPR's Rachel Martin what to watch for in Monday's game against Colombia.
Seen here in an undated photograph, Macer Gifford — an alias he uses to pr...
Macer Gifford — an alias he uses to protect his family — left his job as a financial trader in London to fight ISIS in Syria. He lost much of what he had, but says he never regretted his decision.
Jon Kalish with his daughter Meleia, at around 6 months old, in Oakland, Cal...
Jon Kalish loved his daughter from afar, with calls and visits from New York to California. And he lost her from afar too — first when they became estranged, and then in a more final way.
Farmer Efi Cohen inspects almond trees on a kibbutz south of Jerusalem. The ...
Treated sewage water accounts for half the water used by Israel's farms. Entrepreneurs are experimenting with ways to cut costs and to ensure that the 86 percent of wastewater that's recycled is safe.