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A curfew went into effect Tuesday night in Baltimore in hopes of controlling violent outbursts. Riots Monday left at least 20 officers injured and several buildings damaged.
The singing by the former Kingsmen's was so hard to understand, the FBI conducted an investigation into whether the lyrics were obscene. The FBI concluded: unintelligible at any speed.
Inscribed on the mango was a message. A woman wanted help finding an apartment. Instead of having her arrested, President Nicolas Maduro rectified her housing problems.
The professional fate of Brian Williams remains up in the air after a scandal led to his six month suspension as chief anchor of NBC News. What path could lead him back to the anchor's chair?
The euro has dropped in value against the U.S. dollar by more than 20 percent since last summer. But even as Americans find bargains in Europe, flights to get there remain pricey for a few reasons.
NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with Jonah Blank, a senior political scientist at the RAND Corporation, about the economics, politics and culture of the Himalayan country.