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The Justice Department says police and courts in Ferguson, Mo., violated black residents' civil rights because officials saw them as a source of revenue. They were given excessive fines and fees.
A new study in the British Medical Journal finds that non-drug approaches to treating symptoms of dementia work better than using drugs, particularly antipsychotics.
In Nigeria, the Islamist extremists are using more girls and young women in suicide bombings. It's unclear whether the children are taken from among the hundreds the militants have kidnapped.
The weekend shooting took place in the city's Skid Row neighborhood and raised questions about use of force. Authorities say the victim had assumed the identity of someone else — a French national.
A Justice Department report finds systematic racial bias in how the city treats its African American citizens. Some residents doubt tensions between police and black residents will abate quickly.
While many of those messages are tucked away from the prying eyes of the public, it's not clear they are well-protected from hackers.