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StateImpact Oklahoma's Joe Wertz reports on a new study that links a "swarm" of earthquakes to four specific, high-volume oil and gas industry disposal wells. It's one of several reports that show oil and gas activity could be causing a rise in earthquake activity.
Violence in Iraq has many wondering if the map of the Middle East is being redrawn before the world's eyes. If so, Iraqi Kurds might stand to gain, with an independent Kurdistan finally within reach.
Costa Rican fan Ericka Mora speaks with Melissa Block from San Jose about the World Cup excitement in the country's capital.
Ezequiel Vazquez and his 15-year-old son, Ilbaro, leave a government-run she...
The U.S. is returning unaccompanied minors to their home countries. But life in Guatemala, where many of them are from, is so hard, they say they'll keep trying until they succeed.
By hijacking a user's computer, "bad" bots make it look as if she visits a w...
"Bad" Web bots are going after everyone they can, but why? Because by hijacking Grandma's computer, they make it look as if she visits a site often, thus making the site more valuable to advertisers.
College coaches may be able to help more first-generation students make it to graduation day.