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A Rolling Stone magazine story about a frat house gang rape rocked the academic world and sparked serious discussion about sexual assault is now being walked back. We hear reaction from the campus.
Aaron Purmort was a mild-mannered art director by day, crime-fighting superhero by night. He was, in fact, Spider-Man. At least, that's what Purmort and his wife, Nora, would have you believe.
Akai Gurley was killed in a darkened stairway by a rookie cop who said his gun discharged accidentally. A grand jury is expected to consider charges against the officer.
Melissa Block speaks with Labor Secretary Thomas Perez about the latest jobs numbers and the persistent problem of wage stagnation.
Rolling Stone says new discrepancies have emerged in its recent story about an alleged campus rape at the University of Virginia.
Activists completed their more than 120-mile march from Ferguson to the Missouri state capitol building in Jefferson City. Melissa Block speaks to NAACP President Cornell William Brooks.