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Tesla Motors recently chose Nevada to build its factory in exchange for an incentives package. It'll be built in a rural area East of Reno with little infrastructure and years of high unemployment.
An AirAsia plane, traveling from Indonesia to Singapore, is missing. Shortly before losing contact on Sunday, the pilot had asked to change course due to weather conditions.
A study done in Philadelphia found a total of 33 books in a community of 10,000 children. A group is solving that problem by partnering with the publishing industry to get books to kids in need.
The United Arab Emirate has emerged as an ally in the U.S.-led fight against the self-proclaimed Islamic State, also known as ISIS. Known for its wealth, the UAE is now showing off its military might.
A California measure will limit the amount of full contact middle and high school football players can have during practice. The new law takes effect January 1.
Major industries from cars to tech couldn't function without zinc. Business is booming at the mine in Ireland — especially since China stopped exporting its supply.