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International correspondent Ari Shapiro talks with NPR's Scott Simon from Jerusalem about about the second day of the Israeli military's ground operation of the Gaza Strip.
The legendary actress Elaine Stritch died this week. NPR's Scott Simon remembers her career and an interview he had with her earlier this year.
TED Radio Host Guy Raz speaks with science writer and Sports Illustrated contributor David Epstein about why athletes are getting faster and stronger every year.
Jenny Lewis is set to release her latest album, The Voyager, on July 29....
Lewis wrote her sunny new album, The Voyager, in the shadow of death and separation. "I've always just had sort of a dark take on life," she says. "Hopefully the music transcends that in a way."
Harper Lee, pictured in 2007 before receiving the Presidential Medal of Free...
Marja Mills spent more than a year living next door to reclusive author Harper Lee and her sister. She documents that time in The Mockingbird Next Door. But Lee says she never authorized the book.
Njoki Wa Ndegwa, left, mixes with fans of Jambo Boston Radio in Alabama last...
There are about 100,000 native Kenyans living in America, clustered in Boston, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Dallas and parts of the West Coast. How do they stay connected? A radio station.