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A bid to overhaul the National Security Agency has failed. The measure didn't receive enough votes in the Senate Tuesday night to cut off debate.
Armed with a court injunction, city court bailiffs could move to clear part of the Mongkok camp this week. Protesters seem unfazed. They've seen it all, including having dead rodents dropped on them.
A bill in the U.S. Senate to bypass a White House review and approve the controversial project failed to gather enough support Tuesday night. Pipeline backers fell just 1 vote short of the 60 needed.
You use the app, according to the Singapore Straits Times, when you meet someone, you put your phones together — the longer you resist the urge to touch it, an apple tree grows on screen.
The police in Russia's far north already have snowmobiles, but say the reindeer won't break down in the frozen tundra. Which is why criminals in that icy realm already use them as get-away vehicles.
Palestinian attackers killed four people praying in a Jerusalem synagogue, raising fears of increased unrest and violence in the city.