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Labor unions argue a deal would erode jobs and benefit corporations. Experts say those concerns are legitimate, but companies that are more engaged in global trade also pay higher wages.
Jurassic World made more than $500 million in less than a week. The movie was No. 1 in every country. That includes China which only allows about 30 Hollywood movies to officially screen each year.
The largest breach of U.S. government data was reported last week by the Office of Personnel Management. David Greene talks to Michael Riley, a cybersecurity reporter with Bloomberg Business.
Retail giant Target said Monday that it's offloading its pharmacy and clinic business to CVS. The nearly $2 billion acquisition still needs to be approved by the Federal Trade Commission.
Disagreeable teens tend to grow up into disagreeable adults. A 10-year study finds that disagreeable teens often have no awareness that their behavior is harming their relationships.
Republican Assemblyman Scott Wilk said he made the error because he was busy posting on Facebook. Wilk says he was posting his opposition to the budget. He was allowed to change his vote afterward.