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Islamist insurgents have reportedly killed about 40 people, as the polling for a new president continued into Sunday. Voting was extended after technical problems kept some from casting their ballots.
Two congressional committees travel to the town of Tomah, Wis., on Monday to hold a hearing on the VA hospital there. The hospital has been singled out for over prescribing opiates to vets.
Someone tweets real news articles in which a "Florida Man" does dumb things. Public Policy Polling checked Florida Man's approval rating, and found his numbers are better than many politicians.
The bus driver called police and she was returned safely to her family. On local TV, the girl's mom told her, "Yes, you can have a slushie. Next time just ask me to take you."
The Global Village host is back with a stack of music that tests the sonic limits of the squeezebox.
Hawaii ranks 49th in the nation for use of home health care services during ...
A program in Hawaii aims to reduce the number of older people who spend their final days of life in a hospital. Hawaii has one of the highest rates of hospital deaths for those over age 65 in the U.S.