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Rules dating back decades outlaw sledding on Capitol Hill. Protesters brought signs that read: Sled Free or Die. It did not appear that anyone who took a run down the hill on a sled was arrested.
The new high-tech paint in Hamburg's nightclub district is so waterproof, that any spray on the wall bounces back onto the source.
The Edmund Pettus Bridge is a sacred place in America's civil rights history. It also was named after a Grand Dragon of the state Ku Klux Klan. There's a strong generational divide on renaming it.
More than 600 cars have been stranded on Kentucky highways since Wednesday night with limited access to food, gas and water.
During Thursday's snow storm, some people in Washington, D.C., defied an 1876 U.S. Code that bans sledding on Capitol Hill.
NPR's Robert Siegel and Melissa Block share letters from listeners about a series on Muslim identity in Europe, the "What Shapes Health" series, and a story about the career of Sen. Barbara Mikulski.