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Larry David also co-created the NBC series Seinfeld. That show's character G...
David wrote and stars in Fish in the Dark, a play about rivalries and dysfunction when a family patriarch dies. He says the idea came to his "twisted mind" when his friend's dad passed away.
Eddie Henderson may never have quite gotten his due, but there's still time to correct that.
Kazuo Ishiguro's latest recalls the plays and novels of Samuel Beckett. It's a masterful blend of fantasy, Arthurian romance, myth, legend and postmodern absurdity — and it's unforgettable.
Joel Ramirez climbs back into his wheelchair with the help of Francisco Guar...
Changes to workers' compensation laws mean families and government bear more of the costs that result from injuries on the job.
Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen says his team found the wreckage of the Mushashi in the Sibuyan Sea off the Philippines. The vessel was sunk during the Battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944.
The Justice Department says police and courts in Ferguson, Mo., violated black residents' civil rights because officials saw them as a source of revenue. They were given excessive fines and fees.