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The charity Save the Children has been hearing from migrants who have survived the dangerous journey to Europe from across the Mediterranean. Text messages come in every day about boats in distress.
In the 1930s, unknown author Laura Ingalls Wilder couldn't find a publisher for her memoir, Pioneer Girl. Instead, she and her daughter turned the stories into a series of Little House books.
At a summit in Brussels, they pledged more money and military resources to saving lives of migrants who try to cross the Mediterranean. They also introduced a plan to target traffickers' boats.
In 2012, a late-night, high-speed chase ended with police officers shooting 137 bullets at two black suspect, who were unarmed. The incident prompted a scathing report from the Justice Department.
More than 1,000 workers died two years ago when a garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed. David Greene talks to journalist Amy Yee about whether working conditions at factories have improved since.
David Greene talks with Sarah Stillman of The New Yorker about her report on kidnappers in Mexico who are grabbing thousands of Central American migrants every year, as they travel to the U.S.