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Caesars — the giant gambling company — put its largest unit into bankruptcy on Thursday. The company was acquired by private equity firms Apollo and TPG in 2008 just as the financial crisis was pushing the economy into recession. It never recovered and has more than $20 billion in debt.
The Obama administration is following through on its pledge to ease travel and trade restrictions on Cuba. The Treasury and Commerce Departments say the new rules they have just issued go into effect on Friday. Critics of the administration, though, are questioning the legality of the moves.
Melissa Block speaks with French lawyer Aurélien Hamelle about the limits on free speech in France.
On Thursday, the World Health Organization released a 14-chapter analysis of the Ebola epidemic.
Geniuses in movies aren't always played by Benedict Cumberbatch, but they ar...
A new study finds that the academic disciplines most associated with "geniuses" are also the fields in which women are underrepresented.
Is the U.S. gaining or losing ground in its bombing campaign against ISIS? Audie Cornish puts the question to Jennifer Cafarella, a fellow at the Institute for the Study of War.