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For more stories on New York State, check out The Innovation Trail.
More questions for the panel:, Bowzer Wowzer, Patrons of the Natural Arts, Weight Watchers.
All the news we couldn't fit anywhere else.
Bill reads three news-related limericks: Big Screen, Little Guy; Have A Coke and A Lie; If The Bamboo Is Rockin'.
Our panelists predict – now that Starbucks has fixed racism – what will be the next problem solved by a corporation.
Daniel Genis, son of Soviet emigre Alexander Genis, served 10 years in priso...
Genis, who served 10 years in prison for armed robbery, writes about prison life; John Powers reviews Seymour: An Introduction; Bluegrass musician Norman Blake releases an album of original songs.
Archaeologists in Madrid may have discovered the long-lost remains of Miguel de Cervantes. NPR's Scott Simon asks whether or not the bones are his, and if they'll attract tourists to the site.