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Rachel Martin talks to Najmaldin Karim, governor of the Kirkuk provnce of Iraq. He talks about what's changed in the political and security situation in Iraq in the last few months.
A Florida jury found Michael Dunn guilty of first-degree murder for killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis in a dispute over loud music.
British Prime Minister David Cameron speaks with campaigners against female ...
The U.K. tended to treat the issue as a practice from a foreign culture that did not demand attention. But it has become a central focus for police, doctors, and even the British prime minister.
In New Jersey in March, Dianna Lopez of the Center for Family Services (righ...
It has been a year since Obamacare launched with a difficult start. Now, supporters are confident about the program's future. But critics say it's too early to gauge its success.
Al Jazeera reporter Abdullah Elshamy staged a hunger strike for 147 days in prison and was eventually force fed. He tells Steve Inskeep he was tortured but was never charged with any crimes.
Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill banning plastic grocery bags throughout the state. "This bill is a step in the right direction," he said. "We're the first to ban these bags, and we won't be the last."