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London Business School researchers find that the more competent and accomplished women are, the worse their performance evaluations — when it comes to managers with traditional gender attitudes.
The National Park Service held a contest for a drink to celebrate U.S.-British friendship — after the attack 200 years ago. The winner: Gunpowder Cream: a mix of rum, English tea and maple syrup.
David Montenegro made news in 2012 when he officially changed his name to Human. He's now a Democratic candidate in Tuesday's New Hampshire in a challenge to represent the 22nd District.
Congress was back in town on Monday for a two-week sprint before the midterm elections. On the schedule: pass a budget bill so the government doesn't shut down again, decide the fate of the agency that helps businesses finance U.S.-exported goods and figure out what to do about ISIS.
Listeners share stories about their old computers that still get regular use.
Iraq's parliament elected a new prime minister and cabinet officials on Monday but it's unclear whether the changes will help counter the Islamist militants who have taken over much of the country.