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Aides say Obama will sign a bill authorizing new economic sanctions against Russia in retaliation for its ongoing interference in Ukraine. Russia's economy is reeling from earlier western sanctions.
Five years ago, tensions reached a breaking point between police and the growing Latino community in East Haven, Ct. The Justice Department began to oversee the department.
Jon McAchran proposed to his girlfriend Ashley while skating on an ice rink beneath the Eiffel Tower. An AP photographer was taking pictures of tourists and captured Jon giving her the ring.
An orange tabby became something of a celebrity after sneaking into a seafood shop at Vladivostok airport. The cat polished off the entire seafood counter, and then dashed off.
Nearly 9 percent of 8th graders, more than 16 percent of 10th graders and more than 17 percent of high school seniors have used the devices in the past month, the survey found.
The longer-than-expected Senate session is allowing Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid to confirm even more of President Obama's nominations to the federal bench.