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We revisit a purrfectly amusing game based on felines in the news.
We'll ask Rick Schwartz three questions not about zoos, but rather, about Zumba. Originally broadcast May 2, 2014.
Mat Johnson is the author of Pym, Drop, Hunting in Harlem and The Great Negr...
Mat Johnson discusses his book Loving Day. David Bianculli says cable comics keep news-makers honest. Rick Famuyiwa calls Dope a celebration of kids whose interests don't fit into pop-culture norms.
Elizabeth Wiley, chef-owner of two top Dayton, Ohio, restaurants, goes off-menu to cook beer-braised turkey thighs in her home kitchen.
Members of the classic rock band Styx visited NASA mission control for New Horizon, the space probe that discovered Pluto's smallest moon, Styx.
The Fourth of July is not just about fireworks. It's also about going to the movies. NPR's Eric Westervelt speaks with Kofi Outlaw, editor at Screen Rant, about the movies out this weekend.