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Getting ready for exams is never easy. Wouldn't it be great to have the questions in advance? One student in Germany is pinning his hopes on just that with a creative Freedom of Information request.
NPR's Tamara Keith and ESPN's Howard Bryant talk about the start of baseball season, the end of basketball season, and the short but inspirational life of 19-year-old basketball player Lauren Hill.
For the first time in the Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Race history, the women's event will be held on the same day as the men's. Tamara Keith speaks with American rower Caryn Davies.
Colorado is the latest state to produce the cold case cards....
Colorado is the latest state to issue playing cards bearing photos of victims from unsolved crimes in the hopes that prisoners might generate fresh leads.
President Obama talks with Cuban counterpart Raul Castro before Friday's ina...
In a moment some have looked forward to for more than 50 years, the presidents of the U.S. and Cuba met at the annual Summit of the Americas.
Jeralean Talley addresses the congregation as her pastor, Reverend Dana Darb...
At 115, Jeralean Talley is the world's oldest living person. She inherited the title from a 116-year-old Arkansan who died this week. NPR's Tamara Keith reflects on the secrets of a good, long life.