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Next year could be a make-or-break moment for efforts to ensure Iran can't acquire a nuclear weapon. But experts said the same about 2014. Instead, two deadlines came and went with no progress.
A foundation that supports first responders killed in the line of duty says it will take over the mortgages of the two New York City police officers killed last week as donations begin to come in.
Alan Cheuse reviews The Sacrifice by Joyce Carol Oates.
In 1986, a bomb planted by the Peruvian terrorist group Shining Path exploded in the luggage rack above Sam Baker. Somehow, during his long recovery, songs focused on empathy started coming to him.
David Greene talks to sports analyst Kevin Blackistone about some of 2014's big sports stories. Blackistone is a sports analyst for TV and radio, and he's a professor at the University of Maryland.
Ten years ago, the Indian Ocean tsunami killed more than 100,000 people in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India. Some 7,000 people died in the Indian town of Nagapattinam. How has the town recovered?