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In 2010, NPR's Scott Simon interviewed Laura Hillenbrand about her book Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption. The hero of that book, Louis Zamperini, died this week.
This week the House Homeland Security Committee met to talk about minors entering the U.S. alone through Texas. NPR's Tamara Keith talks with correspondent John Burnett, who's been covering the surge.
A large proportion of young people showing up at the southern U.S. border come from Honduras. Societal pressures there, like poverty and gang violence, are fueling the exodus.
Yorkshire is home to this year's Tour de France starting line. BBC anchor Harry Gration tells NPR's Tamara Keith about preparations, including well-stocked pubs, for the annual sporting event.
NPR's Tamara Keith takes a moment to remember Stephen Gaskin, who founded the Tennessee commune, The Farm.
NPR Sports Correspondent Tom Goldman says Americans should still be watching the World Cup matches, even with their home team out of the running. He makes the case to NPR's Tamara Keith.