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Egypt's Ministry of Social Solidarity is threatening to prosecute nongovernmental organizations that are not compliant with an oppressive law that allows the government to fully control them. Although it was put on the books in 2002 it was never implemented and human rights groups got around it by registering as private companies. Now they may face prosecution and some NGOs are suspending operations.
Stonehenge just got a lot bigger. Researchers have discovered evidence of many archaeological features surrounding the ancient stone formation. Robert Siegel talks with professor Vince Gaffney about the Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project at Birmingham University.
Suicide rates among middle-aged men in America have shown a sudden, distressing increase in the last decade. For our series on men, Shankar Vedantam talks with Audie Cornish about the trend and what some researchers think might be causing it.
Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul has already made significant inroads in Iowa as he explores a presidential bid. Supporters say it's because he builds on his father's work but stays his own person.
In this undated photo, Theodore Roosevelt waves to a crowd....
A 14-hour biography of Theodore, Eleanor and Franklin Delano starts Sunday. Actors including Paul Giamatti and Meryl Streep put on Emmy-worthy vocal performances reading from an Emmy-worthy script.
The New York Times Baghdad bureau chief Tim Arango has been reporting from Iraq for five years and has watched the rise of the Islamic State militants. He gives Fresh Air his take on the situation.