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Kelly McEvers talks to Ben Rhodes, President Obama's deputy national security advisor, about White House foreign policy following the brutal killing of an American journalist by Islamist militants.
The Ukrainian army insists pro-Moscow separatists attacked a civilian convoy on Monday, killing at least 17 civilians. Rebels deny the attack took place.
The incident comes a little over a month after the country's officials lifted a ban on the stand up motor device.
Former President George W. Bush declined the ice water and was going to write a check to the ALS charity. But instead, former first lady Laura Bush doused him. Bush then challenged Clinton.
The Obama administration's admission comes on the heels of the release of a video by the militant group known as the Islamic State, which depicts the killing of American journalist James Foley.
American James Foley, who was executed by Islamist militants, had been working for GlobalPost when he disappeared in 2012. GlobalPost CEO Phil Balboni speaks about about Foley and his work.