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They've been after each other in a dozen countries over the past three years — battling over intellectual property rights. The companies will continue to pursue existing cases in U.S. courts.
Regulators are not happy with the "living wills" big banks were supposed to come up with. The wills are more like bankruptcy plans detailing how a bank could be closed without disrupting the economy.
A machine gun attack by a man wearing an Afghan military uniform killed a U.S. 2-star U.S. Army general on Tuesday. Major General Harold Greene was killed at a coalition training facility in Kabul.
Zack Brown only wanted to raise $10 on Kickstarter to make potato salad for the first time. He raised so much more, that now he's helping the hungry and homeless in central Ohio.
After a 10-year chase, a European spacecraft has caught up with a comet. The Rosetta spacecraft will spend the next year or two traveling with the comet on its journey around the Sun.