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The federal government has demanded that Takata and ten automakers expand their air bag recall. Until now, the recall has been limited to high humidity areas where they are most likely to fail.
The agency in charge of insuring private-sector pension plans is warning about big problems on the horizon. The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation projects that several large multi-employer plans will become insolvent within the next decade.
Noelle Johnson has a lengthy commute via bus and metro to her job near Washi...
Noelle Johnson has about $20,000 in student loans and is still working on her degree. Without the higher earnings a B.A. can bring, even a modest student debt load can pose a big challenge.
Melissa Block talks with Sen. Angus King of Maine, an independent, about his decision to vote "no" on the Keystone XL pipeline and his thoughts on Obama's plan to take executive action on immigration.
An unseasonable storm has dropped five feet of snow in 10 counties in western New York State. Melissa Block talks to Chris Hazard about how snow crashed into her family home in Buffalo.
Melissa Block speaks with the attorney for a Navy nurse who faces a potential discharge from the military for refusing to continue administering forced-feedings at Guantanamo.